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In Iran, an Actress, a Bared Arm and a ‘Woman Power’ Tattoo

In Iran, an Actress, a Bared Arm and a ‘Woman Power’ Tattoo

In Iran, an Actress, a Bared Arm and a ‘Woman Power’ Tattoo
A photograph of the actress Taraneh Alidoosti at a news conference in Tehran on Monday suggests that she has a tattoo of the symbol for women’s power. CreditSadegh Chenari

TEHRAN — A popular Iranian actress whose latest movie won two awards at the recent Cannes Film Festival threw her native country into an uproar on Tuesday after images emerged suggesting that she had a feminist tattoo on her arm.

At a news conference on Monday celebrating the return of the cast of the movie, “The Salesman,” to Tehran, cameras captured what appeared to be a tattoo of the “woman power” symbol of a raised fist sticking out from under the sleeve of the lead actress, Taraneh Alidoosti, 32, known by some as the Natalie Portman of Iran.

On Iran’s vibrant social media scene, hard-liners were quick to criticize Ms. Alidoosti, who is married and has a daughter, saying the symbol meant she supported abortion rights and was against the family.

Her many fans came to her defense on Twitter. “Now that I think about it, I have been feminist from the very beginning,” wrote one woman. Other Twitter users were less flattering. “You are advertising foreigners,” said one.

Ms. Alidoosti and her fellow actors had been in Cannes, France, to promote “The Salesman,” the latest movie by Asghar Farhadi, an Oscar-winning Iranian director. During the festival in May, Mr. Farhadi won an award for best screenplay, and Ms. Alidoosti’s co-star, Shahab Hosseini, was given the award for best actor.

For most of the day Tuesday, social media outlets were captivated by two questions: whether Ms. Alidoosti had such a tattoo, and whether it meant that she was a feminist.

Ms. Alidoosti answered one of the questions herself, saying on her Twitter account, “Keep calm and YES I’m a feminist,” but refusing to comment on the tattoo question, saying such matters were private. She also posted an explanation, in English, of the meaning of the feminist fist, which she wrote was “the woman power symbol and became a symbol of feminism.” She could not be reached for comment.

Iran’s women’s rights movement is officially nonexistent, with the country’s judiciary, dominated by hard-liners, having convicted most organized groups trying to change laws that treat the sexes unequally. Despite the crackdown, many urban Iranians say they support equal rights for women. The word feminist, however, is often used by hard-liners as a negative label.

In May, the judiciary issued a warning especially for actors and athletes after several famous figures had been arrested at a party. They were told to adhere to Islamic values or face public naming and shaming. Because of their popularity and large fan base, actors and actresses, especially, always have to walk a fine line.

In another post on Twitter, Ms. Alidoosti said: “Feminism doesn’t mean antiman or antifamily. Feminism means that each human aside from his or her gender has the right to an individuality and according to that, to choose the life that she or he wants.”

Source: Ny Times

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Fake tattoos carry their own health risks, FDA warns

Fake tattoos carry their own health risks, FDA warns

Fake tattoos carry their own health risks, FDA warns

Most people in industrialized society take into account a true tattoo to be Associate in Nursing ink-based, permanent etch. The art of modern day tattooing has evolved into full body displays and in person purposeful symbols, intricately displayed nearly anyplace on the body. As this body art becomes more standard, it carries its own health risks. In the past, the FDA has warned against infections stemming from contaminated ink.

Now, the FDA is starting to warn customers concerning new and standard brands of contaminated tattoos. These temporary "fake" tattoos coming below the spotlight embrace altered jagua-based dyes and tainted "black henna"-based paints.

Jagua-based tattoos are comparatively new to the USA. Derived from the unripened fruit of a South yankee tree, the Genipa artifact, jagua tattoos area unit used by the autochthonal folks within the Amazon for elaborate body decorations. In the US, the fruit-based dye can become mixed with alternative chemicals, ultimately causing skin reactions or sun sensitivities.

However, the most concerning pretend tattoos to the Food and Drug Administration area unit tainted henna-based concoctions that area unit laced with dye chemicals. These gimmick tattoos may leave kids with long scarring or fluid stuffed blisters.

"Black henna" tattoos tainted with hair dye chemicals, pose serious health risks

Henna, made from the dried leaves of the Lawsonia plant, is an ancient "natural paint" used to embellish the hands and feet of Indian and Pakistani brides. In the US, henna may be altered and tainted by chemical dye ingredients. The most commonly used contaminate is p-phenylenediamine, which provides the henna style a black or blue black color.

Henna, which is naturally burnt sienna, comes from the tropical and subtropical regions of continent and Asia. For centuries, henna has been cultivated, ground down into a paste and applied to leather, silk and wool as well as skin, hair and nails. Often known as mehendi, henna is still used today in cultural festivals round the world. In some markets, henna may be mixed with dye chemicals to create it darker and last longer. These "black henna" products area unit doubtless harmful and might cause sensitivity. Tainted henna products area unit usually used at tattoo kiosks on beaches or at specialty outlets at traveler destinations.

Skin redness, fluid-filled blisters and scarring for life

On May 13, 2014, the FDA control a seminar to address the problem of tainted henna tattoos. Katherine Hollinger, an medical scientist with the Food and Drug Administration workplace of Cosmetics and colors is asking on customers to report sensitivity returning from pretend tattoos. "If you had a reaction to a temporary tattoo or any cosmetic product, the FDA desires to grasp," she said.

Open to public comment, the FDA has already gathered reports of allergic reactions returning from tainted tattoos.

In one case, a five-year-old girl developed severe redness on her forearm 2 weeks when having a black henna tattoo applied. "What we thought would be a very little harmless fun all over up changing into a lot of sort of a nightmare for USA," the father says. "My hope is that by telling people concerning our expertise, I can facilitate stop this from happening to some alternative unsuspecting youngsters and oldsters."

In another incident, a 17-year-old girl had a black henna tattoo applied that later became red and restless, leading to fluid-filled blisters.

For one mother, she recalls seeing her daughter's back as wanting "the method a burn victim appearance, all blistered and raw." According to the GP, the girl might have scarring for life all as a result of a pretend henna tattoo.

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Hazardous Heavy Metals Found in Tattoo Ink

Hazardous Heavy Metals Found in Tattoo Ink
Hazardous Heavy Metals Found in Tattoo Ink 

Numerous tattoo inks contain overwhelming metals that have been connected to an extensive number of wellbeing issues, including tumor and neurodegenerative infections. Among the most concerning metals found in tattoos are mercury, lead, antimony, beryllium, cadmium and arsenic. 

Mercury is a neurotoxin, which means it effectsly affects the sensory system. It can harm the cerebrum and lead to physical and enthusiastic disarranges. 

Lead meddles with an assortment of body procedures and is poisonous to large portions of the body's organs and tissues, including the heart, bones, guts, kidneys, apprehensive and conceptive frameworks. In extreme cases, lead harming manifestations can incorporate seizures, unconsciousness and passing. Different manifestations ordinarily connected with lead presentation incorporate stomach torment, disarray, cerebral pain, sickliness and crabbiness. 

Beryllium is recorded as a Class An EPA cancer-causing agent. Presentation can bring about Chronic Beryllium Disease, a frequently deadly lung ailment. 

Cadmium is an overwhelming metal that postures extreme dangers to human wellbeing, including kidney, bone, and pneumonic harm. 

Arsenic is a known cancer-causing agent, and new studies have additionally found that presentation to larger amounts of arsenic prompts hereditary harm. 

Antimony introduction can bring about disturbance of the eyes, skin and lungs. As the introduction proceeds with, more major issues may happen, for example, lung maladies, heart issues, looseness of the bowels, extreme heaving and stomach ulcers. 

Phthalates, Hydrocarbons and Other Dangerous Compounds in Tattoo Ink 

Numerous tattoo inks likewise contain risky phthalates and hydrocarbons. Phthalates, likewise contained in numerous restorative items esteemed perilous by the Environmental Working Group, have been appeared to harm the liver, kidneys, lungs and conceptive frameworks in creature contemplates. 

Dark tattoo inks are regularly produced using ash containing results of burning called polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons (PAHs). Among the PAHs in the inks is benzo(a)pyrene, a compound distinguished in an Environmental Protection Agency danger report as "among the most intense and very much recorded skin cancer-causing agents." 

Tattoo Removal Can Send a Cascade of Dangerous Chemicals Throughout the Body 

As time passes by, numerous individuals who initially settled on tattoos choose they might want to have them evacuated. As per a 2006 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 17 percent of 18 to 50-year-olds with tattoos have considered tattoo expulsion. Notwithstanding, tattoo evacuation might be significantly more unsafe than getting a tattoo in any case. 

By a long shot the most widely recognized strategy for expelling tattoos today is laser tattoo expulsion - a system where a laser is utilized as a part of rehashed sessions to break down the tattoo. Once the tattoo inks are disintegrated, their segments - including any risky ones, for example, those delineated above - are retained into the body and circulatory system. Numerous may never be completely wiped out from the body, and even those parts which do get disposed of may bring about harm before they are wiped out. 

An expected 45 million individuals in the U.S. have no less than one tattoo, including no less than 36 percent of grown-ups in their late 30s. For the individuals who as of now have tattoos, the best counsel might be to keep them - unless you need to utilize obsolete tattoo evacuation procedures, for example, surgery which leave scars set up of the tattoos. On the off chance that you don't as of now have a tattoo, the best counsel is to not get one.

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Risk of tattoos you should know before getting it done.

Risk of tattoos you should know before getting it done.

Risk of tattoos you should know before getting it done

Disease: The danger of contamination is the reason the American Association of Blood Banks requires a one-year hold up between getting a tattoo and giving blood. The spread of ailments, for example, hepatitis can originate from the utilization of unsterile needles and gear. To maintain a strategic distance from contamination, all tattooing hardware should be perfect and sterile. What's more, regardless of the fact that the needles are sterile, it's conceivable the hardware that holds them may not be. That is on account of the gear's configuration may keep it from being totally cleaned. Tattooed territories need appropriate look after the main week or so to prepare for contamination. 

Evacuation issues: Removing a tattoo is a meticulous, inaccurate procedure. It for the most part includes a few laser or dermabrasion medicines and is regularly expensive. What's more, a few tattoos might be difficult to evacuate without scarring. The skin where a tattoo has been evacuated never looks typical. So before getting a tattoo, make sure you need it for the long run. 

Hypersensitive responses: Allergic responses to tattoo colors are uncommon. Yet, they do happen, and when they do, they can be especially troublesome. That is on account of the shades can be difficult to expel. It's additionally conceivable to have a hypersensitive response after you've had a tattoo for quite a long time. 

Granulomas: These are knobs that may conform to material that the body sees as outside, for example, tattoo color. 

Keloid arrangement: Keloids - scars that develop past typical limits - may shape at whatever time you harm or damage your skin. In the event that you are inclined to them, you are at danger of them framing after a tattoo. 

MRI complications: There have been reports of individuals with tattoos or changeless cosmetics who experience swelling or copying in the tattooed regions amid attractive reverberation imaging (MRI). This appears to happen just infrequently and evidently without enduring impacts. There have additionally been reports of tattoo shades meddling with the nature of a MRI picture. This appears to happen for the most part when a man with lasting eyeliner gets a MRI of the eyes. Mascara may deliver a comparable impact, however it can without much of a stretch be expelled. Why these issues happen is misty. It's conceivable they come about because of a collaboration with the metallic segments of some shades. 

The dangers of staying away from a MRI when your specialist has prescribed one are prone to be much more noteworthy than the dangers of intricacies from a tattoo. Rather than staying away from a MRI, individuals who have tattoos or lasting cosmetics ought to tell the radiologist or professional so as to take precautionary measures to maintain a strategic distance from entanglements.

 Dissatisfaction :In spite of the fact that tattoos might be tasteful at to start with, they now and then blur. Additionally, if the tattooist infuses the shades too profoundly, the colors may move past the first site. This can bring about an obscured appearance. 

Aptitude changes generally among individuals who give tattoos. Approach the individual doing yours for references. 

Additionally, your body will change after some time and styles change as well. Also, plastic surgery all over can adjust how lasting cosmetics looks. The tattoo or lasting cosmetics that may look incredible when you first get it may not look so great to you later.

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Side effects of Tattoos

Side effects of Tattoos
Side effects of Tattoos

Tattoos look great and are in style. In the event that you are going to get a tattoo you will more than likely have it always, to be protected take a gander at a craftsman's work, and go to a legitimate proficient, they are more costly and well justified, despite all the trouble. Americans have the most elevated number of tattoos. Some reasons why home tattoos won't not be beneficial for you: 

1. Contaminations, for example, HIV and hepatitis because of re-utilization of needles 

Reuse of needles for tattooing can bring about extreme sicknesses like HIV and hepatitis. One ought to abstain from completing tattoos from unlawful tattoo parlors as the shot of irresistible malady is most noteworthy at these spots. 

2. Unfavorably susceptible responses to transitory and changeless tattoo inks 

Response to tattoo inks, whether it is a provisional tattoo or a perpetual, is normal. On the off chance that somebody is adversely affected by ink they may not realize that until the tattoo is finished. Concentrates on demonstrate that red and yellow inks are destined to bring about hypersensitive responses to the skin, though dark, purple, and green colors have been observed to be less unfavorably susceptible. These responses are by and large activated by introduction to daylight. 

3. Scarring 

Tattoos may prompt scar tissue. As the body endeavors to expel the remote substance (ink), knocks or little bunches may conform to the tattoo. Some skin conditions can likewise compound because of tattoos. 

4. Skin Infections 

Tattoo locales can get to be tainted even with a sterile needle. This can happen if ink is tainted by microscopic organisms. Side effects of a disease are: red rashes, swelling, and agony. It can take 2-3 weeks for a disease to show up. 

5. X-ray Complications 

Swelling or blazing can happen in tattooed zones amid attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) exams because of tattoos. Outlines containing extensive ranges of dark ink can be tricky on the grounds that dark ink contains iron oxide, the iron is warmed by MRI scanner either by actuating an electrical current or hysteresis. More up to date inks are much more secure, discover what your craftsman employments. 

6. Skin staining 

The piece of skin where tattoo is done is stained for all time. Despite the fact that over a time of times this staining blurs away yet it is never mended totally. Along these lines, one ought to remember this before choosing a tattoo. 

7. Blood gift 

In the event that you have had a tattoo done inside the most recent week, you may not be permitted to give blood in view of the danger of contamination. The hold up can be longer if the tattoo parlor is not managed. 

8. Blood thinners 

The tattooing procedure can be influenced by a regimen of blood thinners in light of unreasonable dying. Ink thinks that its hard to get into the skin because of expanded dying. The aftercare mending is a long procedure. 

9. Hematoma 

A hematoma (wound) may show up if a vein is punctured amid the tattooing technique. These wounds can either show up as one substantial wound or as coronas around the tattoo. 

10. Trouble on lymphatic framework 

Irritation may happen if bigger particles gather in the lymph hubs. In any case, if the particles are littler, they are diverted and don't collect.

Famous tattoos designs

Famous tattoos designs
Famous tattoos designs

A year ago, it was the limitlessness image—which is essentially, the victim of jokes in the tattoo group nowadays. Tattoo patterns go back and forth, some stay behind while new ones enter the scene to make its imprint. Individuals take the possibility of countless getting the same tattoos adversely yet I believe it's likewise a sign that tattoos are surfacing and getting its can out there to break the terrible tattoo disgrace. The little part we play here is to get the message out and help as much as we can to grow the conceivable outcomes in tattoos. We've conversed with tattoo specialists from everywhere throughout the world about the most well known tattoos of 2015. A considerable lot of them are additionally the most-asked for plans in our Tattoodo Custom administrations. The outlines simply continue showing signs of improvement!

1. Arrows

Bolts resemble the interminability images of this current year. A considerable measure of tattoo specialists reported youngsters coming over their shop in crowds needing the same thing which is—you gotten it—bolt tattoos. 

Most tattoo specialists in real urban areas this year get week after week solicitations of bolt tattoos straight from Instagram and Tumblr, the greatest wellspring of tattoo thoughts nowadays.

2. Pocket watch with rose (and clocks everywhere)

On the off chance that young ladies were coating up this year for bolt tattoos, the folks appear to be attracted to stash observes particularly combined with roses. "A major thing is the pocket watch with two roses on either side. Several years prior, everybody needed owls," says Tota Volpe-Landi of Happy Sailor Tattoo in London. 

"Truly, I am so tired of them. Checks in eyes, checks in roses, checks in greater timekeepers. It's gotten to be crazy," says Craig Hicks, a tattoo craftsman from Manchester.

3. Underboob

Named as the new "tramp stamp", 2015 has seen a considerable amount of women losing their shirt for a couple of hours of desolation getting their sternums tattooed with for the most part geometric examples and mandalas (see underneath). Despite the fact that we don't concur on the tramp stamp part since as such, the greater part of the underboob tattoos we've seen for the current year are dazzling. 

Beside online networking buildup, the underboob pattern may likewise owe a portion of its ubiquity to vocalist Rihanna.

4. Semicolon

The Semicolon Project truly raised an extremely delicate point and helped a large number of individuals battling with wretchedness hold their heads up high and trust that their story truly is not yet wrapped up. It's more than a pattern. It brought issues to light on the point of melancholy which the vast majority frequently misjudged and would rather not discuss.


Well known decision of tattoos in both blackwork and dotwork. We've seen a ton of landscape stuff in tattoos, too this year and we particularly adored the ones by craftsmen like Lisa Orth and Susanne Konig. 

6. Watercolor 

"Watercolor tattoos are beautiful. Be that as it may, not all tattoo craftsmen can get them right. Dislike the standard conventional style since it requires a great deal of differentiating and low tones and so forth. In any case, most customers don't understand that. They simply accept that you can and when they wind up getting something that looks in no way like the photo they printed, they gripe," says Martsy Reyes, a customary American style tattoo craftsman. 

We concur, watercolor tattoos truly are stunning—when they're done well. Else, you'll simply look like as though you've dealt with a little child who's left unattended with a cluster of acrylic paint. 

7. Mandala 

Geometric tattoos were enormous a year ago. A significant number of those geometric tattoos fused mandalas peppered with fine dotwork. Mandalas were utilized to be connected with deep sense of being yet it is by all accounts inclining more towards the beautiful side nowadays. 

8. Hand jab 

Early this year, we've given you access on our perspectives available jab or stick n jab tattoos. Numerous theorized even toward the end of last year that "correctional facility tats" will be enormous in 2015. All things considered, we were right about that. What's more, we were additionally right about the shitty hand jab tattoos that will undoubtedly accompany it, as well. 

9. Arm band 

A part of the moderate tattoo pattern that is huge this year. (See more at #10 and 14) 

10. Spots 

We're almost certain the greater part of the general population who get dab tattoos get them only for enlivening purposes. Nothing amiss with that. What would we be able to say, they're little and unobtrusive and they're ideal for something like a test drive in getting tattoos. 

Kendall Jenner demanded that her single white spot by Jon Boy symbolize the "easily overlooked details that matter." Sure, sweetheart. 

11. Universe 

The universe frenzy proceeds with cosmic system tattoos. Like watercolor tattoos, not simply everyone can do this one right. 

"Kids, kids, kids... Kindly do your examination before bursting in some shop requesting a cosmic system tattoo over your obsolete endlessness tattoos. We thought you'd have taken in the last time. I swear some children's ineptitude are a great deal like the cosmic system—interminable and void," Bear Black of Catalina remarked. 

12. Solar system 

As though world tattoos weren't sufficient, we've additionally been seeing a considerable measure of tattoos of the nearby planetary group. Some of the time, it's only Jupiter on their fingers. While some would a little rocket or star grouping to boot. The greater part of them were regularly hand jabbed. 

It presumably has a considerable measure to do with poor Pluto being kicked out of the perceived planets. 

13. Compass 

The compass tattoo have been prominent for quite a long time yet it appear to have been among the ones that it appears that it's staying put. 

14. Line 

The same thing as the spot tattoo which I rehash isn't too terrible. In this way, individuals are cherishing moderation nowadays and they choose to get unpretentious tattoos like lines and spots. I think the more imperative inquiry to be raised here is if the tattoo specialists can tattoo straight lines in the same class as Dr. Charm and Jon Boy. 

15. Waste Polka 

Since the Trash Polka style was presented, individuals have been interested and really intrigued with the specific style advanced by Buena Vista Tattoo Club. Not everyone can get this privilege, either. It requires expertise and a decent understanding on what works and what doesn't, particularly with the utilization of essentially two hues—dark and red. In any case, increasingly tattoo craftsmen are wandering Trash Polka, spreading it outside of Europe.

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Tattoos Meaning

Tattoos Meaning

Tattoos Meaning

Tattoos blossom at the crossroads of bodies and art, the physical and the imaginary. Their colors, shapes, and symbols pulsate with memories, meanings, and emotions. Above all, body art captures and reveals unspoken aspects of human relationships, both past and gift.

“My body is a memorial,” says Amalia, a Peruvian-born woman in her thirty-something. “I have a tattoo for every honey WHO died. At the same time, I am still unsure what to create of this one.” She removes her sock and shows me “?!” tattooed on the rear of her gliding joint. While she is showing Pine Tree State her tattoo, I am thinking to myself, “she is revealing her Achilles heel to Pine Tree State.”

Tattoos often represent thoughts and feelings that we have a tendency to have not spoken regarding or acknowledged, even to ourselves. As Amalia puts it: “I had this image in my head, but I might not specific it in words.” Since both art and dreams trade in symbols and imagination, I approach tattoos the same way I work with patients’ dreams and fantasies. I ask folks to describe the thoughts, experiences, and emotions linked to their tattoos; I invite them to replicate on their past and gift relationships with others and with themselves.

For example, Amalia’s first tattoo of 3 tangled roses represents her closely knit family: her mother, her sister, and herself. Amalia’s mother was cremated, and her ashes scattered over the ocean; there is no graveside to go to. So this tattoo has become a celebration of her mother’s life, a way of claiming “thank you” to her, and a visceral, corporeal connection to her.

The tattoo that symbolizes Amalia’s mother, sister, and herself allows Amalia to incorporate (in Latin, corpus means “body”) her mother into herself. It captures and preserves the memory of her mother’s love, along with the emotional bond between them.

As it is commonly the case with body art, exploring Amalia’s thoughts and feelings surrounding the tattoo illuminates the emotional complexness of her relationship with her mother. Amalia describes her mother as a controlling lady WHO believed that solely “Goths and punks” tattoo their bodies. She would not have approved of Amalia’s tattoo, so Amalia unbroken it out of alternative people’s sight by golf shot it on her abdomen.

My empathy and curiosity permit congenital defect to faucet into, articulate, the tension between her positive and negative feelings toward her mother. Helping Amalia access her negative emotions toward her dead mother is not simple. It unleashes shame, guilt, and anxiety.

I ask her to describe her expertise of planning her tattoo and invite her to chew over its aesthetic charm and symbolic that means. I say to Amalia, “Imagine that you and that i are within the tattoo parlor along. Could you please describe to Pine Tree State the image that you have in mind? What emotions is it citing for you? what's it prefer to create it a part of yourself?”